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Let us understand a fact that aging is not restricted with the age , it can be afflicted at a very young age . The reason is our pituitary glands. As we know that we are not machines and we are not programmed , our bodies have tremendous changes which constantly change and recover by itself.

This is a gift of God – RECOVERY . To help ourselves with a prolonged health as we have our families and we live in  a society where we may be in service for many issues.

And the current society  welcomes healthy people . As our personality speaks a lot. Now we can not say “ Don’t judge by the book cover” but first impression is the best impression . Gone are those days when we retire at the age of 58 years , there are men who still continue working till the last breath . What makes them going . It’s the healthy functioning of their pituitary glands and the production of relevant HGH hormones.

As every human is born with a defect we can not erase them but we can support ourselves with experts advise and dietary supplements . We can prolong the aging process and help  ourselves to be a part of the family for an extra year.

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